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Spring All Breed Schedule

Welcome to the UKPHA Virtual All-Breed Spring Show.

Open 16th April / Close 31st May 2021.

Judge: Barry Shuurman (Netherlands)
Ribbons to 6th Place

We are very excited to bring you the 1st ever UKPHA virtual show & we hope you will enjoy using the show as a reason to saddle up your Paints & have fun, in anticipation for the day when we will all meet up again in person.
Download your pattern, set it out, have your camera positioned where indicated on the pattern and record your entry for each class. Upload your pattern to your YouTube channel or similar.

Thanks to a generous donor, all UKPHA members entries are FREE.

Non-member’s fees are £8 per class, which can be paid via paypal to (as family and friends option please).

The classes available are as follows:-
Showmanship – Walk only (Use the same pattern as showmanship, but ignore all jogging & replace with walk)


Horsemanship – Youth

Horsemanship – Walk/Jog

Horsemanship – Amateur

Trail – Youth

Trail – Walk/Jog

Trail – Amateur

Trail – Open

Ranch Riding – Youth

Ranch Riding – Amateur

Ranch Riding – Open

Show Rules:

  1. The classes will be run to APHA class rules (see
  2. No horse/rider combination may enter walk/jog & open,however they can enter walk/jog & amateur.
  3. No exhibitor can enter both walk showmanship and standard walk/jog showmanship.

When recording your showmanship class, please have an additional person act as the judge for inspection ( must stay stationery where indicated on pattern. Judge to stand behind the camera as the exhibitor approaches and only move to walk when the exhibitor has indicated they are ready for inspection, like they would do in a normal show)

  1. Entries must be emailed to and entry fee’s paid (non-member’s £8/class) via paypal by 5pm, May 31st.
  2. While each exhibitors health & safety is their own responsibility, UKPHA would encourage the wearing ofprotective equipment when appropriate.

Your emailed entry to, should contain the following details:-

  1. Exhibitor’s name & postal address
  2. Horses registered name
  3. Classes entered
  4. Link for each entry e.g. YouTube or Vimeo.
  5. Confirmation of amount paid where applicable.


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